School Purpose


School Purpose for Student Success

At Rio Rancho Cyber Academy the staff is dedicated to revising Edgenuity courses to make sure they are meeting the NM Common Core State Standards.  Teachers provide accommodations to students to meet their individual needs.  RRCA is not only an online school; we require mandatory attendance 2-3 days per week so that teachers can work with the students to provide:  1) core classes that support the concepts in the Edgenuity courses, 2) small group intervention, 3) one to one tutoring and assistance with assignments, 4) basic skills tutoring, 5) additional support and supervision, 6) a sense of community. 

The Edgenuity courses provide: 1) academic rigor in the core content areas, 2) a diverse course catalog to include Advanced Placement courses, 3) alignment to state and national standards, 4) web-based management tools for tracking and reporting, 5) professional development and implementation support.

RRCA students are encouraged to display the following principles and values:

-Effort: Always do my best; Effort = Success = Confidence = Merit

-Integrity: Keep my Word; Tell the truth

-Courage: Move forward; Explore my talents

-Humility: Know when to look beyond myself

-Passion: Engage whole-heartedly in my work

-Creativity: Use my imagination; Inspire and be inspired

-Perseverance: Set short and long term goals recognize and build on my strengths.

-Compassion: Learn empathy


Student Responsibilities:

-Practice 21st Century Skills, RRCA Principles and Values

-Take responsibility for self-advocacy and progress toward graduation

-Attend lab sessions

-Work independently at home

-Communicate with teachers and staff

-Develop personal time management

-Build positive relationships with peers and staff

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