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Embarking on an online or web based curriculum journey will challenge all of us to learn new skills and be flexible with each other, our students, and our families. Our goal remains to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum, provide engaging learning opportunities, and support continuous improvement for all learners. Imagine Edgenuity, Inc., is our partnership company that provides the licensed courses to Rio Rancho Public Schools.  The page provides information about the courses plus parent and student resources.


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For Students - How best to engage in Edgenuity as a student tricks and tips

Students engaged with the Edgenuity platform have the ability to have access to coursework 24/7 with the online curriculum. This video is an orientation on how to log in, have parent access, how to manipulate proper time and energy in the program and how to engage with teachers to maximize your positive outcomes from the viewpoint of a student. Strategy is key and this video will give you insight on how to be the best student possible with the Edgenuity platform. Take the time to watch this to gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to set yourself up for success starting day one with this alternative learning opportunity. These tricks and tips work for you as a student at RRCA and any RRPS school. We welcome you to this unique, alternative and optimum virtual learning opportunity. You are in the driver seat of your learning and empowered to grow each and every day in all your classes. Make the most of this, stay focused and take your learning to higher levels with a few extra steps as outlined in this video.

Student Experience Video

For Students engaged in Edgenuity for Recovery - watch this video

RRPS students who have failed a previous class and have an F on their transcript may have the opportunity to recover that class and replace the F on their transcript with a passing grade, particularly in the core classes. Imagine Edgenuity is used at our secondary schools to provide an alternative learning opportunity with an online learning platform. Teachers and supporting staff at our RRPS schools can assist you with getting set up for the classes which can be driven by the PowerSchool schedule. Watch this video to get some sound insight on how to maximize your quality and productive outcomes as a student with the goal of completing the course, learning as best you can and passing the class and earning the credit towards graduation. This video focuses on managing your time and engaging in the online curriculum with the best tricks and tips for success as possible and the expectations that surround online learning with RRPS students. Your teachers are there so please reach out to them as you work your way through the curriculum. All stakeholders want you to be successful. Watch this video to increase the odds in your favor.

PDF Instructions for Student working in Imagine Edgenuity


Imagine Edgenuity Parent Portal Login

Parent Portal Setup as a Parent of a Student learning in Imagine Edgenuity

This video was created with specific directions for parents to have access to view and support students engaged in the Imagine Edgenuity platform. Parents/Guardians/Families have access through this portal to view student progress report and the attendance log with immediate updates to when students log in and work and make progress. Having this vital information at your fingertips provides parents and families objective data to enhance your parenting skills with the objective of having your online learning reach their full potential. As a valued partner with your school we ask that you engage in the parent portal to not only support you child but to hold students accountable to fulfill their expectations as a student engaged in the Imagine Edgenuity platform.

Please reach out to your student's grade level advisor or teacher(s) to receive your individualized login information. For your convenience here are PDF instructions to guide you with the steps found in the Parent Portal Setup video (above).

Communication is the key and we welcome and encourage your active participation parents and families as you are a critical stakeholder in your student's education.  

Imagine Learning Parent/Family Resource Site