Rio Rancho Cyber Academy Information

Summer Hours

June 7th through July 22nd, Monday through Thursday 7:00am-4:00pm.

Home of the Scorpions!

RRCA provides a quality education for students that combines a hybrid virtual enhanced setting blending old and new.  Proven traditional classroom teaching methods are utilized using the latest technological advances in curriculum interactive distance learning.  This allows students to benefit from both small group and one-on-one tutoring sessions with teachers while applying the online structure for learning in school and at from home. Our digital natives’ educational experience at RRCA is responsive to meet the student's individualized needs.  Meaningful assessments tied to the curriculum allow teachers and facilitators to assist students to achieve a minimum 70% mastery with an online learning platform that is available to them 24 hours, seven days a week.  
Students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum where teachers monitor, motivate, mentor, and model to ensure student success. Student work is carefully monitored, homework checked to provide relevant feedback in all content areas.  21st Century Skills are practiced on a daily basis. Students become efficient managers of time and effort to achieve 100% completion of their assigned coursework within the school's semester timelines. Parent/guardian participation and support are needed and encouraged.  Taking the old and adapting to the new is accomplished by a committed staff addressing both the academic and social needs of students in middle and high school.
RRCA has an open door policy and demonstrates a willingness to support district schools providing expertise, training and guidance for program implementation in more traditional settings.  RRCA is a pioneer among schools and both teachers and students are paving the way for other schools to move forward with distance education applications.  You are welcome to stop by and visit the lab, talk to the teachers and students.

Challenges of Online Learning:

You must set goals and keep them

  • 100% completion before the end of the quarter and end of the semester

    1. Quality education, don't settle for lower grades when you can work harder and earn higher marks

Maintaining a weekly schedule

  • Factor the number of quizzes you have left to accomplish in the amount of time remaining in the school year

    1. Observing the percentage completion you should be at given the time in the semester

    2. Keep your work in all your classes balanced, don't save your harder classes for last

Use the Assignment Calendar and Progress Reports

  • Race against the Assignment Calendar in Edgenuity to cross the weekly finish line a winner

  • If you are behind that means you have to perform extra to get caught up

  • Check your progress daily and compare it to the Assignment Calendar to help you with your weekly schedule

  • The progress moves forward once an entire lesson has been completed and the student has achieved mastery on the end of lesson assessment

  • It is best to start a lesson and continue to work until the lesson is 100% completed to best benefit from the learning experience

  • Good rule of thumb: it takes about 30 hours a week in Edgenuity to compete against the Assignment Calendar and finish your course on time or ahead of the semester deadlines 

It is your responsibility to use the Web Based program to the fullest

  • Use eNotes

  • Use your "own" efforts to answer questions, journals, and practice/homework

  • Review the lesson

  • Review assessments

  • Communicate to teacher by email and in the lab when physically at RRCA

  • Ask for help when you have concerns - we are here to help

Success is up to you, not the computer program

  • Inspire yourself to accomplish each week what the Assignment Calendar identifies

  • You have the tools at your fingertips to be successful

  • Believe in yourself; your teachers at RRCA believe in you

Maintain communications with your supporters (parents/guardians and RRCA staff)

  • Be pro-active and ask for help before you get too far behind

  • Let those who care about you know how you are doing (good and bad) in all your classes

  • Remind parents to look in their email inbox for the weekly progress reports

  • Parents are encouraged to monitor students through the Parent Portal with Edgenuity where they can track real-time progress and session logs

Benefits of Progress Reports:

  • Immediate data reflecting student grade and completion status

  • Accurate representation of start date and target (end) date to achieve 100% completion

  • Shows number of activities student has left to complete as well as how much has already been achieved

  • Student will have accurate idea of grade earned in a course