Student Saya Bilobran stands with Mr. Dan to show off her kindness award

You may not see it, but it's there ... kindness. That's right, kindness is everywhere within Rio Rancho Public Schools. Sometimes it's a small gesture of kindness and sometimes it's a larger display. In fact, recently Rio Rancho Cyber Academy honored one of their sixth grade credentialing class students with a special kindness award for ambassador-like behavior and actions.

Student Saya Bilobran was recently given an award by her academic advisor and English teacher Mr. Eberhardt (with help from Mrs. De La Rosa) . Saya is a blended learning model student, meaning she does some of her work online and some in person at RRCA. But recently some students have been making the switch from fully virtual to the blended learning model at the school. Saya has made it her mission to welcome each of those transitioning students, answer any of their questions and help them fall into the blended learning routine. She has been an amazing ambassador for the school and has shown tremendous kindness to her peers and teachers.

We're so proud to have students like Saya in our district, great job!